Rumors about iPhone x: Leaked information spreads widely

Apple Inc never stops to create innovation and revision every day and year. You may notice about what comes after iPhone 1; it is iPhone 2, and else. Until today, we already know that the latest iPhone is iPhone 8. This big manufacturer sells up to ten millions of iPhone 7s every month, one of the highest achievements in the smartphone industry. Many people really appreciate the innovation. Yet, Apple upcoming birthday is near to happen in several weeks. Now everyone talks about the issue about what is coming up next from Apple. Is there any innovation again of iPhone? Is there any leaked issue by releasing next iPhone? Is it iPhone 8 or iPhone X? If you may hear rumors about iPhone X, perhaps this article is interesting for you.

Rumors about iPhone X: iPhone ten

Tim Cook, a representative of Apple, ever said in Steve Jobs theatre that iPhone would come back with new leading innovation to inspire and bring impact to people again. New iPhone, regarding Apple tenth anniversary, is the biggest leap of all time rather than original iPhone. Cook also said that it is not spelled as iPhone X, but iPhone ten. This revealing statement was declared months ago by cook and boom; now it comes to a near spot.

Rumors about iPhone X: new features

Some of Apple employee tweeted that iPhone X, or iPhone ten is completed by surgical grade of stainless steel as the main components with glass in the rear panel as well. Claimed as water and dust resistant, iPhone X will be a new trend of smartphone protection, like they always do. Appleā€™s employee once said that iPhone X would bring new feature of Face ID using face recognition to unlock the smartphone.

That is several rumors about iPhone X. Although there are several pieces of evidence revealed from the various platform of Apple employee, we cannot stand still and count them in. All we can do is again, waiting. But, any iPhone series which is being produced and sold in public are coming out, we know that a lot of people will still try to have it. iPhone has its own unique theme that can attract people to stay upgraded even if they already have the previous version again and again. If iPhone X is really spread around the world, will you buy it as well or you wait for iPhone 8? Again, it is your preference.